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The Creative Soulpreneur Podcast

Jul 21, 2020

Who's Stressed? You Don't Need to Be! with Susan Choi

Episode #5

Susan Choi is a High Performance Stress Management Coach and Podcast Host of STRESSPROOF, a TOP 100 Podcast in Mental Health on iTunes. She is the founder of the Stressproof Method™, a program that helps high performers think smarter and feel better to rise above stress and break through to the next level of success.

In a previous life, Susan served Fortune 100 clients such as Amazon and Microsoft as a Management Consultant working on highly strategic accounts. She is no stranger to stress, has overcome burnout and adrenal fatigue and now helps others become conscious of self-sabotaging behavior and negative thought patterns.

Susan currently works with startup Sales Executives, Entrepreneurs, and other Industry Leaders world wide.

In this episode you'll learn: 

   What stress actually is

   What to do with your big emotions and how to move out of your   past

   How you can manage your stress and why a holistic approach to stress is so important for you to master it


Terry Gross' The Last Word on Power 

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