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The Creative Soulpreneur Podcast

Jul 21, 2020

The Practice of Change

with Tanya Birl-Torres

Episode #3

Over the last five years Tanya Birl-Torres has shifted from her career as an actress, dancer, and singer on Broadway and into Movement Direction, Choreography, and Embodied Systems Work. Tanya is a trained 500 hr RYT Yoga Teacher and has studied at The Presencing Institute at MIT, as a systems change facilitator. She is also certified in trauma informed yoga and leads workshops for students, public school educators and companies on Embodying Change and Reclaiming the Rights of the Body.

In this episode sh#t got real y’all!  You'll learn:

What racism feels like in spiritual circles

Leaning in to the fire of uncomfortably

How the language of your body can tell you things your mind never could

And, the practice of change

Tanya Birl-Torres

Watch Tanya’s short film Vision/Manifest: RIGHT HERE

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