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The Nick Demos Show

May 10, 2022

Surrender, Trust, Surrender, Trust with Lauren Eliz Love


Episode # 74

Lauren Eliz Love is a spiritual self-healing teacher helping women reclaim their personal power of self healing their life, minds, bodies and SELF.  She is the creator of the life transformation online program called HEAL, the founder of a spiritual online sisterhood called the Soul Portal Community, and the voice behind the Lauren of Love Podcast. 

Lauren helps women reshape their reality, heal themselves, and create the life of their dreams with a step by step HEAL Method. Lauren’s work focuses on helping women self heal their bodies, lives, minds, and bank accounts. And of course: how to more deeply embrace spirituality. 



You'll Learn:

How we are programmed to believe projections


When achievement is in the journey


Coming deeper into your essence


How many of our teachers are not sought but given


The 6 Spiritual Laws of Wealth

Lauren Website

Lauren Podcast

Lauren IG @LaurenofLove